Risk assessment from scratch
Step 1

Start with entering your details

We use your membership number to confirm you are currently in our District.

The email address is to send you a unique link to get back to edit or check on your Risk Assessment. And keep you updated on the status of your Risk Assessment. It will not be used for any other purpose

If your membership number is not recognised please check you have the right one with your Group Scout Leader
Step 2

Risk Assessment Basic

Select your group from the dropdown list. This cannot be altered later

Select all sections which this risk assessment will apply to

Finally give the Assessment an activity name.

At this point you will recieve your unique link to gain access to your Risk Assessment
Step 3

Edit the more details

Adding a description to give some context to the document

a location will help with risk suggestions
Step 4

Adding Risks

You can add individual risk by clicking the Add risk button